Best Chromebook Tricks!

Here I will let you know some tricks that you may not know and will be fully beneficial to use the full potential of Chromebook. Chrome laptops are designed to task with everyone without requiring a password. The first account you open with chrome becomes of owner’s. These options will be found on Settings screen. It works faster... more →
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Shut Down Your Computer Right Now !

A full shut down is required even if low-power standby modes are available. Though a stand by mode is quite popular among the desktop and laptop users, yet many of them prefer to shut down than to hibernate. We need to know why it is important to do so. Because if there are some sides – effects regarding this stand by mode or hibernate... more →
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Important Information : How to check if your account passwords have been leaked online?

Now days security of passwords of accounts on websites like Yahoo, last fm etc. are in danger. Here are some tips to avoid this danger. It is dangerous because same passwords are used by the users for multiple websites. The hackers as well as crackers can find access to your accounts easily. If passwords are set different, even then... more →
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5+ cool uses for Android’s daydream mode !

It is a screensaver mode that is always on at the time of charging, displaying the information on screen. Developers can create much better daydream with a variety of options. Daydream Mode: Usually when your smartphone is put on charging mode, the screen is off. This app will keep the screen on at the time of charging. The screen... more →
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Websites your computer is connecting to SECRETLY !!

You find your websites running slower than before; it may be due to some virus or something like this. It is easy to find out by using netstat command. This can be operated on Windows XP, Vista and 7 version. In XP, you need to have Service pack 2. With the help of internet connection this process can be done. Open the menu’s Start... more →
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Delete Cache to speed up your computer ! Really?

It is assumed by many people or when you ask a senior in the computer field regarding the speeding up of your computer by deleting the cache and temporary files, this is not true. Every time you get to a website, many multiple small pictures and or other additional media is generated. Many times you visit the site in a day and second... more →
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