Top 10 Android Tablet Apps Countdown

The power of Android never seems to stop amazing Android users. Not only has Android managed to become one of the most popular OS’s for Smartphones and Tablets, but Android has also given way to some of the best Apps in the past decade. The Tablet being one of the latest additions to the world of Android has managed to become one of the demanding platforms for many users, which has why developers of Android Apps have come up with some of the most innovate and creative applications on the market today. This recent popularity of Android Tablet Apps has not only created a near chaotic wave among users, but it has also given us the fuel to review the Best android tablet apps available on the market today.

1. iMDB TV & Movies for Android Tablet
Are you a movie lover? This is one of those Android apps that gives you a complete database of all of your movies ever made. For those who have had earlier interactions with IMDB on their PCs, should already know the easy to use interface that IMBD gives and the host of useful information that comes tag along with it. Now you can do all that and more with just a few simple taps on your screen. The best feature about this app is that it not only lists actors, directors and movie details from Hollywood, but IMDB also has one of the biggest collections from every movie industry that has ever graced our world.

2. Chrome for Android Tablet
Even though many wouldn’t exactly a web browser as an App, Chrome without a doubt has been successfully able to recreate its PC magic on the Android tablet. The best feature of this app is that it behaves exactly the same way as it does on the PC, that makes it one of the most sought after Android Tables Apps today.

3. SnapSpeed for Android Tablet
The biggest problems that most tablets face is perhaps the camera quality, which is why a good photo editing tool always comes in handy. Even though SnapSpeed started out as a Meme creation app which allowed you to add Memes (customized clip arts) to your pictures and an extra sense of humor to your pictures, its recent acquisition by Google has turned it into one of the most serious image editing softwares out there.

4. Umano for Android Tablet
It is a well known fact that most people hate to read online and this is one app that helps you to over your hate. Umano for Android is an app that is designed to read out articles and content to you in real human voices. This app not only saves you the trouble of reading, but you can also line up some of your favorite articles which you want to be read to you. android tablet apps

5. Flipboard Android Tablet
Since the rise of the internet people have always wanted a software that will take articles, news and blogs from all over the website and arrange it as per your choice and Flipboard does exactly that. Flipboard for Android tablet is one of those Android Tablet Apps using which you can set your reading preference and this nifty little app will organize all of favorites articles and news in the form of a sliding magazine. This not only saves you the time for searching news online, but it also organizes all your reading material for future use.

6. Kindle Android Tablet
You might have heard the name Kindle on many occasions, but not you finally get a chance to meet it. Kindle was originally created as the reply to the IOS’s iBook, and since then it has moved on to become one of the worlds most favorite Apps. Kindle allows you to download and view all your PDF files and eBooks on your tablet, and it also allows you to organize your eBooks with other devices by Syncing with them.

7. Pet Rescue Saga Android Tablet
If you thought that Angry Birds and Candy Crush had driven people to the point to needed rehabilitation, then be prepared to meet our new contestant Pet Rescue Saga for Android tablet. Being a game that not only requires you to solve puzzles combined with some much needed strategy, but it also has one of the best graphics that you can think of. With one of the most addictive game plays in the world of Android today, Pet Rescue Saga has truly become of the most popular gaming Android Tablet Apps there is.

8. File Manager HD Android Tablet

Any Smartphone or Tablet user will be able to tell you, how important arranging your files can be. Not arranging your files properly not only creates the risk of loosing them, but it can also end up jamming your memory. Which is why Files Manager HD was one of the first apps that Android Tablet Apps developers put their complete focus on. Launched on Honeycomb platform, this app has been around for quite some time and for a pretty good reason.

9. Tablified Android Tablet

One of the best Android Tablet Apps, this app is a must have for all Tablet owners. At first glimpse this app might not look much, but when you get in a little deeper you will understand the importance of this App. The biggest problem that Google Play has is that it does not have any specific segment for Android Tablet Apps, which can become a big problem after sometimes. Even though you can run your Smartphone apps on your Tablet, few Apps may completely stop working on Tablets. Which is why it becomes very important to have only those Tablet specific Apps at your disposal.

10. Drippler Android Tablet
If you have ever wondered if there is any app on Google play that has 5 stars, then be prepared to meet Dippler for Android tablet. With amazing graphics this powerful app has you from the time it’s launched. Living up to its tag line of “Make your Smartphone Smarter” (not specific to Smartphones only though), Drippler arranges all the popular apps, news, tools available in Playstore today as per the requirement of your phone. Offering complete control as to which apps you want to be updated about and with one of the best set displays, this is truly an app that you should not miss out on.

With our countdown of The Top 10 Android Tablet Apps coming to an end, we have tried to single out few of the best Apps available for your Tablet in the process of making your life a little more easier.

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